Easily Earn Money From Home

Earn $5 USD in 5 minutes – Join the EMPR airdrop

To earn $5 USD, complete these 2 simple steps:

Step 1: Sign up for a new empowr account

Note: To be eligible for the $5 USD in free empowr coins, you must

– Have never had an empowr account before
– Sign up and complete your account via this special URL: https://goo.gl/65jkcS

Step 2: Fill out the form to get paid

After filling out the form, $5 USD worth of empowr coins will be added to your empowr profile balance within 24 hours (or less).

Trade them for $5 USD worth of Ether (on any of 2 exchanges).

And the best part?

You earn a lot more every day by simply:


  • Posting and sharing content (earn $5+ per day)
  • Trading your empowr coins on the exchange (earn up to 7% on all coins traded each day)
  • Promoting empowr to others (earn up to $5 per referral)
  • Selling products and services (unlimited earning potential)
  • Teaching others how to use empowr (earn $25+ per day)

Earn $5 USD for every person you refer to empowr (no limit)!

Contact us at airdrop@empowr.com for your custom referral link and details

About empowr:

Imagine what the next-generation Facebook (built on cryptocurrency) might look like:


  • 100% funded by the people (users) not Wall-Street or Silicon Valley venture capitalists
  • The company president elected by the users, not shareholders
  • Revenue model NOT based on exploiting user privacy, ads or selling their data
  • Marketplace economy (actual products & services, not ads) tightly integrated into the social feed
  • All of this built on cryptocurrency

It’s Live now! It’s called empowr:

The empowr platform is currently enjoying the highest levels of customer engagement across all cryptocurrency platforms (view traffic details) and has now even surpassed the engagement levels of the world’s largest social media properties (view comparison with Twitter and Facebook).

Trade your empowr coins:

EMPR is currently being traded on the following exchanges:




More about empowr:














Join Us:


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The World has a New Coin “empowrs”


empowr- The world first democratic social economy launched his own cryptocurrency coin “empowrs” which will be worlds top Cryptocurrency, How?

  1. empowrs has limited supply,
  2. empowr is growing the community with 500,000 plus member,

empowr already distribute First Billion Coins to his Founder member, I’m sure to want to know what empowr will do with next Billion Coins?

“If the next Billion Coins distribute to you”

The decision to drive the potential wealth to you could be one of the very best decisions that, together, we have ever made for the long-term viability and success of the mission, economy, and company.” –

Join empowr and get your first free empowr coin “empowrs” Click here

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