A Few Changes and New Featuers

A few changes and new features
Hello FanBoxers,

I have a number of new items to report relating to IPL, your FanBox Bank and selling & buying in the marketplace.

1. Your FanBox Bank is now called “My Balance”:
This is to reduce confusion with your own (non-FanBox) bank account.

2. Processing fee payment priority
Notice the new “Settings” button in your IPL page:

Click the “Settings” button to reveal two controls:

A. IPL on/off switch (This functionality existed before. It simply turns IPL on/off)
B.  Processing fee payment priority switch 
(This is new)
The new priority switch allows you to control whether your processing fee will be paid from fully matured funds, or from your payment mechanism.
It allows people who are preparing to cash out, to ensure that their fully matured funds are not utilized by their processing fees, so they can maximize the amount of their cash out.

New Users:

Given the maturity and cash out questions that you naturally have, I suggest that you use the “recommended” choice to reduce the odds that you’re confused at the time of cash out.
Your Success Coach can answer your questions — and even view and explain your balance details if you allow them to.

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