Love and Relations III

Will He Know We Are Made For Each Other.

As a woman eager to meet your soulmate, you might wonder if you’ll recognize him the moment your eyes meet. Or more importantly, will he? Will he be cognizant of the divine spark of light connecting your hearts? Feel the pull of your souls seeking completeness? Will he see you are perfect for each other, complementary in every respect—made for each other? Of course, in a perfect world he would.
What a different dating world it would be if soulmates were cognizant of the promises they made to each other before this incarnation. There would be no need for the long formality of courtship and the frustration of dating. Instead, couples would come onto the stage of their relationship, recognize each other immediately and perform their romantic roles. But as things are, both men and women have to shed their conditioning of what is a perfect complement is and allow intuition to guide the discovery.
In my research interviewing hundreds of soulmate couples, I found that men were quicker to recognize the divine connection with their soulmate than women. Most of the men interviewed who were happy and satisfied in their soulmate relationship, had a common response when asked if they knew they had met

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