Love and Relations II

3 Relationship Pitfalls You Can Prevent

On the rocky road of Love, some of the deep potholes you encounter can cause a blowout. Careful driving with both eyes on the1 road will help you avoid the innumerable hazards that can wreck your precious bond. Relationships need attention and care, much like a car needs gas, a tune-up and an oil change every 3,000 miles. On your journey of love, prevent the three most treacherous and common relationship pitfalls.
Money, insecurity and fear of change are three demons that can spell doom for a relationship. We will examine each hot spot and create a set of affirmations that will keep your relationship humming.

    Pitfall One: Money

    Money is not the greatest hazard to your relationship that everyone believes it to be. Money just makes the easiest argument, guaranteed to put everyone at odds. Money casts a weird spell in very unpredictable ways. The people who have much money tend to be very worried about losing it. To those with little, money is a constant concern, pain and need. Money drives some

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