Making Money Writing Articles Online.

Making Money Writing Articles Online.

Making money writing articles online is likely not as difficult as you might think.  There are lots of methods of writing online that take time to build contacts like freelancing.  Some ways to make money that take a lot of work but have a huge upside like blogging or affiliate marketing.  Article writing is not like that.  It can be a great way to grow your writing skill, build a portfolio and make a little income while you do it. 

Here is how to make money from article writing:

The first thing you need to learn about for making money from article writing is the places that you can make this money at.  These places are often referred to as, “content sites”.  A content site is a site that will pay you to post your content.  The rules vary as well as how they pay you.  Some pay by residual views.  Some give a piece
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