FanBox Teaching

FanBox Teaching .

by kak_ch78 19-02-13

Instruction to become my student. 

Hi Friends,

Friends always we need a teacher for help or learning something special as it is if you are ready to become a part of FanBox you must need a teacher who guide you on FanBox step by step .
Add me as your face book friend on click my face book id

After this click blew join here.

A new window open 

This is Front page of The Fan Box

Click on sing up button a new page open on it you click connect with facebook 
another window open and you give your facebook Id and sing in your fanbox account automatically create and you go first window its refresh automatically if not then refresh page and your homepage of FanBox open ..

Hope it’s useful to you if have any question feel free to contact me on my facebook Id.


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